Thor: Love and Thunder

Thor: Love and Thunder ★★½

for the little chunk in the middle where thor, thor and valkyrie fight gorr in the shadow realm i got really, really into this. but everything on either side was a massive let down. the whole thing felt like it was bordering on spilling over into actual parody, to the point where i kept expecting them to cut away to a mockumentary style confessional. the dialogue, the physical comedy, even the needle drops just felt so, so broad and heavy-handed in a way that just really stopped me from giving a shit about anything that was going on. i love when these movies have fun, but if there’s not some sense that the things in universe have any weight to them then it’s hard to care when you want to get serious. 

it’s not that there’s nothing here i enjoyed - i did like christian bale’s performance as gorr and natalie portman’s return as jane, but both felt like they were doing the best with less than stellar material. i might be biased here, because the jason aaron run on thor which serves as the source for a lot of the elements that are on show here is one of my goat (wink) comic runs, but i think that jane ends up feeling like an emotional prop for thor’s story, and gorr ultimately doesn’t get enough of a chance to butcher much of anything before we have to see him off. russell crowe is a lot of fun with his “my big fat greek god” vibe, but again the movie doesn't really seem like it wants to engage with the idea of the gods not really giving a fuck about the people who worship them beyond using it as set up for more half baked jokes.

and then, just to hammer it all home (eyy), the title drop right at the end elicited an eye-roll the likes of which hasn’t been drawn from me by a superhero movie since the “everybody’s mom is called martha” reveal from batman v superman. overall a thunderous disappointment.

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