Terrifier 2

Terrifier 2 ★½

the hype around this really had me curious, and gals, let me tell you it did not live up to it.

the practical effects are great, i will give it that. they come up with all sorts of new ways to spill blood and guts everywhere and on a technical level i was very into it, very cool, love a bit of goop and gore and this really does deliver there.

beyond that it's a bit of a shambles honestly. there's certainly no reason on god's green earth it should be as long as it is - any suspense or terror that is built during the kill scenes is often frittered away with needless shot reverse shot reverse shot of art doing the deed and another character doing the scared emoji face, glued to the spot. i'm no movie editor, but i reckon you could easily have cut this down significantly and not lost anything of value.

outside of the kill scenes it gestures towards everything that's going on having a deeper meaning, daring to ask "what's art the clown's whole deal?". and look, a lot of horror sequels are guilt of this and it's so rarely a good route because explaining why horror villains kill is like explaining a joke, it takes the fun out of it. (it's to the movie's credit then that it doesn't actually get around to explaining anything, beyond some gestures towards something demonic and a lot of talk of a prophetic brain tumour.) there are plenty of reviews on here commending the characters and plot, but in my opinion every time it tries to get "serious" it lands somewhere between "boulet brothers' dragula queen extermination scene" and "scene taken from a spooky porno movie before the shagging starts". and look, that was true of the first one as well! it was rough around the edges, it was schlocky and camp, but it was in on the joke in a way that i'm really not sure this one is.

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