Stardust ★★★½

i’ve always really enjoyed this as a comfort movie, definitely one of those that i’ve seen on dvd countless times back in the pre-streaming era. doesn’t necessarily add up to the sum of its parts, but the parts are so good that that doesn’t really matter while you’re watching it. it’s a fun fantasy story with enough twists on the classic elements to keep it interesting, but the pacing is a little shambolic for most of the runtime. it’s a slow start, and it dots around too much as it works to set up the different story threads (often an issue in adaptations of fantasy novels that have a world to build and try to follow the book too closely). 

that being said, the performances do more than enough to keep me interested. in particular, michelle pfeiffer gives a delicious blend of malice and humour as a scheming witch, and robert deniro as stanley tucci as nigel from the devil wears prada as a gay sky pirate gives a nice touch camp.

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