Shania Twain: Not Just a Girl

Shania Twain: Not Just a Girl ★★★

this reminds me a lot of the linda ronstadt documentary in that it’s not a particularly revolutionary piece of film-making, but it still manages to be both interesting and entertaining by the sheer star power of its subject. there are a lot of similarities between shania and linda’s stories as well - they’re both women whose ambitions and talent really helped them push past boundaries and blow open doors in the music industry, and i think that despite any limitations it has this documentary really highlights just how much of an impact that shania has had on the music industry based on her hard work and talent rather than just some sort of fluke, or how much of it was just down to mutt lange’s work rather than a real collaboration.

the woman in me, come on over and up are all still spectacular albums that have really stood the test of time, and seeing shania live is one of the best gigs i’ve ever personally been to, so it’s good to see the stories behind all of that and hear about them from the woman herself, the people involved and the people who she’s inspired.

also, i've had a lot of trouble with dysphonia over the last few years, so i feel like i know a tiny fraction of the terror that shania talks about when she talks about losing her voice - even as someone who's not one of the most famous singers in the world it's constantly awful, so to see her come out the other side of that is very inspiring.

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