Lightyear ★★½

it feels wild to me that buzz lightyear from toy story (who is, we now apparently know, merchandise based on the buzz lightyear, the character in lightyear, this movie which simultaneously exists within and outwith the toy story universe) has more emotional maturity than buzz lightyear (the character from the movie lightyear). it's especially crazy when you consider the fact that buzz lightyear (the toy) has more of an excuse for being distrustful and a bit oblivious - he's a toy who doesn't know he's a toy, who thinks he's the "real" buzz lightyear (from the movie lightyear) and there's a cowboy who's a bit of a pain in the arse, a potato, a dinosaur, a pig, a sentient car, a dog that's a slinky, bombarding him with talk about a giant called andy. that's gonna be a real headfuck for anyone. buzz lightyear (the man) is just an adult man who somehow became an elite space ranger in a position of authority and responsibility without gaining any appreciation for the benefits of teamwork or friendship, or even of listening to anyone around you. as much as it might seem like a silly thing to focus on, it makes sense for the toy buzz to have that personality if he thinks he's this "real" buzz, but here in this movie, working backwards and separated from the rest of what makes him great in toy story he's just an arsehole!

all of that being said sox is an endlessly charming addition to the canon of pixar companions, the animation is in line with pixar's high standards and my dog loved watching it, so it's not all bad.

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