Bullet Train

Bullet Train ★★★

for a movie about a super fast train this really did take a long time to get to the point. i love brad pitt, and he's consistently shown he's really good at delivering the action star/quip machine combo that this sort of movie needs from the person in the centre of it all, so it's impossible for me to be mad at spending two hours watching him do exactly that. beyond brad, although i'd say with everything else was more hit than miss, it felt like we took one too many detours and hit the running gags one too many times to the point that the payoff wasn't quite worth all of the build-up. if it'd all been simplified and streamlined a bit more it would've been more enjoyable (especially in the climax where it feels like it went way too far off the rails, pun absolutely intended).

aaron taylor-johnson and bryan tyree henry were the standouts amongst the other passengers on the train, and they play off of each other really well. that being said, bth's accent work is absolutely fucking shocking - real "watched snatch once and then just freestyled", paul rudd saying "you sound like you're from landaaan" in forgetting sarah marshall vibes. if he actually had a dialect coach for this movie they should be hounded out of hollywoo (and while we're at it, so should joey king's).

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