The Kid

The Kid ★★★★

Chaplin directs and stars as the Tramp, whom is forced to care for a child after his mother abandons him in order to go off to commit suicide. However, various events put their relationship in jeopardy, as the mother returns to claim the child.

The Kid is an enjoyable film, but perhaps not as celebrated as Chaplin's later features, yet it still has a lot to praise. For example, the film's story is beautifully sentimental and the couple of Chaplin and Coogan are so likeable and good-nature that the audience always roots for their success.

Every scene also serves a purpose, wether it's for comic effect or purely to progress the narrative. As he always does, Chaplin finds the perfect balance between comedy and tragedy. The film also presents an unforgettable message about family and how it shouldn't always be defined by blood, it should be defined by the people who care and nurture you.

VERDICT - not as strong as his later work, The Kid is still a solid effort from one of comedies greatest individuals. A beautiful film about the importance of family, and one that illustrates Chaplin's ability to produce films that are as poignant as they are funny. Still worth a watch.

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