Fantastic Mr. Fox

Fantastic Mr. Fox ★★★★

Who would’ve guessed that Wes Anderson would excel so brilliantly at making animation? Fantastic Mr. Fox is not just one of Anderson’s best works but one of the best animations ever made and personally my favourite adaption of a Roald Dahl novel. It not only manages to be distinctly Wes Anderson but also original, this is one of his most singular films.

There is incredible attention to detail in the creation of the world. Consistent use of orange in every scene in a symmetrical world where the anthroponomic animals talk snappy comedic or emotional dialogue.

It’s a shame that this film has gotten more attention now than it did when it first came out, as Fantastic Mr. Fox is filled with endless charm. Every animal is enormously lovable equally as farmer Bean is menacing. This charm makes it one of the best animations because it has a universal quality. I enjoy this film thoroughly as a kid with several re-watches and now as an adult, I appreciate it even more.

I noticed how black and white the conflict in this film is. The animals (except for one rat) are always portrayed as heroes whereas almost human is portrayed as a villain. Perhaps a subtle message of how good vs evil is spilling over into our destruction of the environment and domain over the Earth.

Fantastic Mr. Fox is a Wes Anderson picture through and through, something he seems to accomplish with every film he makes. It’s boosted with an everlasting charm that will keep us loving Fantastic Mr. Fox for many years to come.

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