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  • Moonlit Winter

    Moonlit Winter


    i am in shambles, this means everything to me.

    this is the only movie ever.

    jun. i thought the rest of my life was a punishment. i have been punishing myself all along. you wrote that you were not ashamed of yourself. i wish i wouldn’t feel ashamed of myself anymore.
    you’re right. we didn’t do anything wrong.

    ps: i dream about you too.*

  • Our Love Story

    Our Love Story


    the film perfectly describes their yearning and eagerness to find comfort in each other in an attempt to hide from the heteronormative world. but the bitter lies and their lack of ability to articulate their feelings slowly fractures their love bubble. the silence in the air, all the things left unsaid between the two of them speaks volumes and it tore me apart. the minimalist take and the melancholic narrative of a cute sapphic couple is something that can be very personal to me. i wish things would have turned out differently.