Queen of Earth

Queen of Earth ★★★½

This film takes the age old ideal of "frenemies" and wraps it up nicely as an impressionistic nightmare drama taking place at a cabin in the woods. Those stereotypical friendships in which both parties much be miserable by silent agreement(if one happens to be single and hating it)are showcased here in a stunning array of past and present sequences in which the plot juxtaposes from the current and previous summer retreats to a strange secluded cabin getaway. Here, we see our 2 protagonists argue and backstab each other's privacy bubbles all while one slowly goes insane from the personal torment of jealousy, paranoia and sorrow.

This was one hell of a watch. Although I admit it to have been a bit slow for me at times, the visuals and mythology itself keeps me going strong throughout the primary runtime. One can potentially compare to "The Duke of Burgundy" in the sense that it focuses on 2 female subjects in a barrage of beautiful imagery. Uncomfortable and intriguing, this film takes you in and spits out in pieces once the main plot gets going with Patrick Fugit stepping in between these 2 girls otherwise well to do relationship. And yes, I do believe she was just a stuck up bitch.

- The Spork Guy

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