Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl

Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl ★★★★

I have a friend who hates this movie because it wasn’t “enough like the ride”. For the longest time, I though to myself, well maybe it should’ve been narrated by an old hermit in New Orleans as he thinks back on his time as a pirate. He’d first be haunted by visions of his dead mates, now fully skeletal and mutilated. This would transition into him as he raids a village, auctions off women like property and gets plastered as he attempts to operate his firearm. It’ll eventually end with him locked up in front of a dog who doesn’t understand what a bone is. It’d basically be an artsy slice of life vignette drama that happens to feature pirates. 

Then I thought, no, that’d be kind of stupid and continued to realize that this film was more like the ride than any other entry in the main franchise. It includes the dog, drunks, skeletons, wine and curse. For what it’s worth, it does capture the look and feel of such a world created by the imagineers of old. Also, I really like Jack Sparrow in the movie. He was still just an idea in this era of modern live action Disney, but one that has gone terribly right! Though I’ve never cared too much for many of the side characters other than Barbosa, this is a genuinely good movie that just so happened to spawn a seemingly endless series of subpar, overcomplicated sequels. However, I do look very forward to fighting alongside Jack again come Kingdom Hearts 3! Nerd af 

- The Spork Guy

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