The One and Only Ivan

The One and Only Ivan ★½

well, the voice cast was nice (although some didn’t feel like the right choices), production elements were very mediocre, and as far as the story goes: this should’ve been based on the real, true story of ivan, instead of the fictionalized novel version made too sugar-coated and cheesy in this film bc [spoiler alert]...

from the real story, it goes a little deeper than the ~ivan and the gang going from the shopping center to the zoo, “yay,” the end~ story. like first of all, zoos aren’t even any better bc they’re still putting animals in captivity, no matter how much space, supposed healthcare or whatever, and whatnot they get. plus, in the real story, ivan later dies from a medical procedure, which further proves this point that captivity and human involvement should not be a thing. anyways, animal entertainment (on any level—zoos, circuses, aquariums, etc.) is animal enslavement. wild animals should be left alone, where they belong, in the wild, free to live out their lives naturally, on their own, carefree.

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