I Care a Lot

I Care a Lot ★★½

Rosamund Pike doesn’t just deserve a slate of star vehicles for herself. She deserves a whole entire genre

“I Care A Lot” is the far lesser, but not entirely uninteresting, partner film to Pike’s star-making “Gone Girl.” It lacks the flow, visual confidence and style of its Fincher predecessor.  But it does have Pike. And that’s enough. 

Both films are essential texts on toxic feminism. Over the last four years, its become clear that girlboss is an obnoxious marketing term, and the true, best way forward for all women is intersectionality. Pike’s character in both movies plays off the appropriation of sympathy towards white women in society at the expense of racial equality, or class awareness. 

It is - more or less - anti-intersectional horror. 

In “I Care A Lot,” Pike casts herself as the gentle and competent court-appointed guardian for elderly people that she scams out of their money. 

Much like how Amy (wealthy, white) in “Gone Girl” preyed on the perception of women as the hapless victims of male rage, Pike in “I Care” bases her cons off her knowledge that society will always see the aged as incapacitated burdens, and women as the responsibility-holders to guide them into harmless redundancy. 

This all might risk making “I Care” seem much more intelligent than it deserves credit for being. The film itself is a narrative muddle. But Pike’s searing and clever awareness wins it a passing grade. 

But maybe I’m just buying into her illusory con.

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