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  • To Catch a Thief

    To Catch a Thief


    To the critics who bemoaned on the release of “To Catch a Thief” that it lacked Alfred Hitchcock’s usual suspense, I ask:

    Is the wonderment of what Grace Kelly will wear in the next scene not enough? 

    There is a marked lack of psychopaths with thirsty daggers in “To Catch a Thief,” but the film hardly lacks in revelations that take a viewer’s breath away. Perhaps not with a startled gasp, but rather a sigh. A golden ballgown, a white…

  • Rear Window

    Rear Window


    Perhaps the greatest movie about the making of movies, “Rear Window” is often undervalued for how it is also one of the most essential city films ever, despite its production happening entirely on the Paramount Studios backlot. 

    Some of the greatest movie criticism has derived from writings about “Rear Window.” It has not just the distinction of being arguably Hitchcock’s best work (second only, maybe, to “Vertigo”), but also a film so intensely cinematic, it appeals to the fanatic and…

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  • Torn Curtain

    Torn Curtain


    Don’t let the disguise fool you. Despite its ratty name, espionage thriller “Torn Curtain” is one of Hitchcock’s more well-hewn and restrained films. 

    Following off the financial and critical failure of the melodramatic “Marnie,” Hitchcock did like a true double agent, and switched sides. “Torn Curtain,” which stars Paul Newman and Julie Andrews as nuclear scientist defectors to East Germany, is all to do with nuance. 

    “Torn Curtain,” also a critical failure, seems at first like a movie made to…

  • Top Gun: Maverick

    Top Gun: Maverick


    “Top Gun: Maverick” has lost that lovin feeling, but become an altogether better film in the process. 

    I will defend in any dogfight that the original “Top Gun” is a romance. The entire arc of the film is more “Dirty Dancing” than “Red Dawn.” Instead of tango techniques, the main couple of Maverick and Charlie teach each other aeronautics. But the tenderness - and the sexiness - are all the same. 

    “Top Gun: Maverick” is no romance. 

    It’s the high…

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  • Luca



    Disney, its time to come out of the closet. 

    I understand you are worried about how your family; Russia and China, will perceive you. It’s totally fair that you are concerned about them cutting you off. 

    But you have friends that will support you. 

    Friends, that, you have led along for years now. Most especially since “Frozen.” Friends who believe that you have intentions to live your truest self. 

    I have to say; someone in your position coming out would…

  • Spencer



    “Spencer” is less a portrait, than it is a fractured image of self-reflection split between its subject and its painter. 

    That painter, being Kristen Stewart, who does the commendable work of being the rare actor in a biopic to - not - sink totally and utterly into her role. And the film, and her performance, are all the more remarkable for that. 

    Rather than lose every bit of herself in Diana, Stewart instead merges physical and psychological aspects of herself…