A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors

A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors ★★★★

This is my first revisit of the whole Nightmare series since I was a teen (even though I never saw Freddy’s Revenge), and I had forgotten much of Dream Warriors save for a few things here and there, namely the television death.

Welcome to prime time bitch!

Dream Warriors is solid fun. Craven’s addition to the film’s writing team is clearly felt, even if I did like Freddy’s Revenge out of the two so far (I’ve watch the original too many times to count it), the story is a bit more in Craven’s territory of surrealism horror than Freddy’s Revenge and the characters have are a bit more fleshed out overall, in particular Freddy’s backstory and the world in which he lives in, something that really sets Freddy apart from the others save for Pinhead who’s backstory is ridiculously interesting. 

There are some eyebrow raising bits of dialogue, and some face palm acting on occasion but Patricia Arquette is always good, even as a youngster, Heather Langenkamp is a great return and shout out to my man, John Saxon returning to the series. 

I didn’t feel the special effects were as good as Freddy’s Revenge but I’m still a big fan of practical effects in horror than digital effects. Also whilst I’ve given this film a 4 star review, it’s probably a 3 star film but I’ve given an additional star just because Freddy “fucking” Krueger performs a “kip-up”. 

Three films in and I feel that the Nightmare series is by far the strongest in consistency so far compared to the other big six.

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