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The Menu ★★★★

Went into Director Mark Mylod’s The Menu completely blind and I am so happy I did, this film was a absolute chaotic blast and I really appreciated how darkly comedic and suspenseful it was. The film follows a couple (played by Anya Taylor Joy and Nicholas Hoult) as they travel to dine at a restaurant on a coastal island, joining fellow guests to be served by the head chef (played by Ralph Fiennes) who has a couple of surprises on the menu. I appreciate the fact that this movie didn’t go the obvious route and make it about cannibalism, instead it went with a more eat the rich type social commentary, that is the most in your face commentary of the year but still works super well. 

I loved the nice mixing of suspense and dark comedy, it easily has some of the funniest lines of the year but also still manages to be so incredibly tense, with some incredibly dark and thrilling moments. The thriller vibes really come from Ralph Fiennes’ excellent performance, he’s so bone chillingly intense throughout, with a scary stare but also a great sense of humour being delivered throughout as well. Anya Taylor Joy also continues to wow with her performances, as the one seemingly normal person on the island she’s the audience surrogate and serves that role well, her back and forths with Ralph are excellent. Nicholas Hoult is another standout favourite of mine from this cast, his character is bloody hilarious, him being so obsessed with the food like nothing is wrong when murders are going down is so hilarious. There’s some other good members of the cast who I can mention briefly, from Hong Chau to Janet McTeer, Judith Light to John Leguizamo, the cast is the best selling point of this film really. 

On a technical aspect of course the movie is super good as well, from a charming score and some nice looking cinematography, Director Mark Mylod has crafted a superbly chilling and hilarious little film. It does follow the beats you would expect it would for this type of film, and the social commentary is very in your face, but there’s enough still to like when they drop something fresh in your face. The social commentary is also super understandable of course, and that commentary is helped massively by the superstar cast that this film has to thank for it being so good. Giving this one a 8/10, probably the best looking food in a film ever, made me super hungry

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