Everything Everywhere All at Once

Everything Everywhere All at Once ★★★★★

It’s been a long two months since the rest of the world got this film, and here in the UK we finally received this much hyped film. Waiting that long, I built up a lot of expectations in my head for how this film would be, it was really being built up by all reviews as the film of the year. Finally sitting down and watching it, I can say completely that it lived up to to the hype, it exceeded my expectations in every way and it really is the movie of the year, it’s gonna be really hard for anything else to release this year and beat this flick. It was really interesting that they released this film in the UK the week after Doctor Strange, a more mainstream exploration of the multiverse concept, but this film is definitely the more compelling and creative film out of the two. 

The multiverse concept in fiction is always one of the most interesting ideas to explore in my opinion, the vast amount of possibilities in everyone’s lives and being able to see how that would change you and your life. This film using that concept incredibly, using the multiverse as a narrative device to show our lead, played by Michelle Yeoh, the multiple lives she could of lived if she didn’t make the choices she made to get where she is now. This use of the multiverse is incredibly powerful, it allows us to understand each of the characters on a deeper level based on not just one life but multiple. Yeoh’s character is so compelling because of her character arc in this film, the multiverse allows her to explore how her life could be better or worse, but mainly gives her a new found respect for the life she lives, choosing to fight for what she has rather then what she could have. The use of multiverse is also just creative as hell, it goes into a lot of wacky and fun places with its concepts, going places that no one could expect. The creativity behind the camera, from directors Daniel Kwan and Daniel Scheinert, is really felt because there’s no attempt to make this mainstream at all, it’s weird, strange but still somehow manages to feel human. 

I didn’t expect walking into this film that it would be a comedy but it’s a really well done comedy, the amount of wit and charm each member of the cast and crew have is just felt on screen in every frame. From a world where everyone has hot dog fingers to a world where everyone is a rock, there’s just so much creativity in the use of the concept to create good comedy. Of course praise has to be given to the cast as well for delivering such well crafted performances to go along with the comedy. Michelle Yeoh is a absolutely incredible actress, and she really brings her character to life, you really feel the emptiness the character feels and the generational trauma that forces her into the person she is, it’s really well done writing and acting. Ke Huy Quan is also a clear standout of the cast, he has to juggle a lot in the film, playing two completely different versions of the same person, and he pulls it off expertly, delivering a real tear jerking performance by the end. Stephanie Hsu is also just really impressive in the flick, her dynamic with Yeoh is really strong and brings out the pure themes of generational trauma, it’s gonna be some messaging that really speaks to a lot of people out there who have experienced similar. Jamie Lee Curtis is also in this film and she’s a delight as usual, just a absolute gem of an actress in every film. 

Everything Everywhere All At Once is a film that is impossible to not absolutely love, it’s a film filled with just so much heart, love and charm, the wit and creativity just fills each scene and makes every scene feel magical. It’s got a great central cast made up of Yeoh, Hsu, Curtis and Quan who just deliver all tearjerking, fun and hilarious performances. The action is fun with some great choreography, the multiverse is used to it’s fullest extent and the story is truly emotional gripping for sure, best movie of the year is definitely here folks.

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