Finch ★★★

Finch, in all its ever wonderful identities, is just a warm and completely comfortable joyride that diverts the Sci-fi expectations to human emotions that goes a long way to strike the sadness in everyone's life. A dying man who made a robot to take care of his dog is a story that might be stretched out in this oh so long movie, but when you look at it, it's a reclusive journey that denies all its formulaic clichés. It's a buddy ride that is filled with existential dialogues; an end of the world scenario that focuses on an individualistic characterization of a man and how his current society affected him; a dog story that puts the human in front. I also think Finch is perfect streaming movie in this so called "streaming war". A film that is just a good time-killer that means no harm, and yet a beautiful hymn that makes your home more soft and beautiful. Also, Tom Hanks is Tom Hanks. The best comparison would be Love and Monsters, but Finch derives its intentions from the humanistic area of its thin but well-expanded story.

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