Old is good. Imagine, a horror film about something that is actually scary. Night milks the premise for every conceivable gag. Genuinely surprised by many of the reveals. Great camerawork and framing, in particular a game of freeze tag and that incredible shot from inside the ribs of a skeleton. Its silly, mean, and sincere, often all at once. The big emotional beats in the third act totally worked for me. Never had an issue with the unnatural acting style because unlike The Happening, everyone is on the same page here. Not a fan of the ending though. Not because of anything that’s revealed, but it wraps a neat and tidy bow on a story that has so much more weight in its mystery and ambiguity. 

I still see little to no talk about Servant anywhere online and it’s one of my favorite things Night has done. I know movies > tv, but watch Servant!

Big shout-out to the burger I ate at the Apple Pan after the movie.

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