Zack Snyder's Justice League

Zack Snyder's Justice League ★★★★★

"I'm real when it's useful."

The movie we should've gotten in 2017, Zack Snyder's Justice League is everything I could've wanted out of a live-action version of some of my favorite characters.

The Death and Return of Superman arc was huge when I was a kid and this take on it is just wonderful. No longer brought down by Whedon-esque quips and that hideous color palette, Justice League stands above most of WB's DC pictures. Everyone is cast to perfection, Snyder really has an eye for that sort of thing. After some thought, yeah, Affleck is my favorite Batman. He's world-weary and tired, willing to sacrifice his ideals for the greater good. He assembles this team of heroes and damn what a team! Gadot's Wonder Woman impresses yet again, Miller's Flash adds levity, Momoa's Aquaman shows the promise that would be fulfilled in his solo film, and Cavill plays Superman with terrific poise yet again. He's got a great little arc here, well done.

This brings us to Ray Fisher aka Cryborg who got royally fucked in the 2017 theatrical cut. He's given time to actually bear the emotional weight of his situation. Had Snyder been able to present this originally, Fisher would've had a star-making role on his hands. He's so damn good here and his back and forth with Papa Pope, Joe Morton, feels real and earned. Absolutely loved Cyborg here, whereas in the 2017 version I was intensely bored by him. 

Another great addition is an actual arc for Steppenwolf! What a wild concept to have your villain carry some weight and pathos to the proceedings. His new feet and hands however? True body horror. Also Darkseid! Holy shit! One of my favorite DC villains and he just looks so badass. My head exploded when they mentioned the Anti-Life Equation because man that's some nerdy shit. Between that and Mr Mind popping up in Shazam, I'm glad the DC movies aren't afraid to be COMIC BOOK movies, unlike the MCU where everything is relatively grounded. 

Boy howdy does Snyder know how to shoot action sequences! Every character here, including the villains gets a Certified Fuck Yeah Moment®. Action is super easy to follow and it never dips into incomprehensible cuts. Every punch and throw has weight to it. Didn't really mention the music but Holkenberg knocks it out of the park! Yes of course you get the Fury Road guy to score your big superhero movie! 

Is the Snyder Cut indulgent and loaded with extra material? Of course it is and tbh I wouldn't want it any other way. Any big comics crossover event is overstuffed and bursting and Snyder knows this. He is full of ideas and works best with his director's and extended cuts. Throw every idea at the screen and see what sticks. Luckily, a lot of it sticks with Justice League.

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