The Fabelmans

The Fabelmans ★★★★★

"They tell me you want to be a picture maker."

In many ways it feels as if Steven Spielberg has been working towards The Fabelmans for his entire career. This is such a beautiful ode to inspiration and heartbreak, with a cast at the height of their powers and shots that are destined to become iconic.

A semi-autobiographical look at Spielberg's youth, Fabelmans pulls at the heartstrings in all the right ways. If you love movies, it's hard to not at least appreciate what's happening here. One of our best really putting himself on the screen for all to see. 

Michelle Williams is divine, imbuing her character with a sense of longing that absolutely wrecked me. Also great are Paul Dano and Seth Rogen, doing some of the best work of their careers. None of this would work however without the uncanny work by Gabriel LaBelle, who plays Sam Fabelman. The fact that he looks just like a young Spielberg and is as good as he is is phenomenal, truly next-level in his first lead role. Add in tremendous one-scene movie thieves Judd Hirsch and David Lynch, and this cast is one of the best Spielberg has assembled in a long time.

With a final shot that's one of the funniest and best to come along in years, The Fabelmans isn't just essential Spielberg, it's essential for anyone who loves movies and what they mean to us.

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