The Belko Experiment

The Belko Experiment ★★

"Please leave this toilet clean for the next user."

It's lines like that little gem ^^^ on a bathroom filled with freshly splattered corpses that saved this. Just.

What could have seen John C. McGinley in a hysterical Office Space: The Office Fights Back remake turned out to be essentially just a bunch of people that I didn't care about, running around an office building that made no sense killing each other in unimaginative ways before 'the man' killed them.

The Belko Experiment is a nice enough looking film, but the script is lazy and the cast full of great acting talent was almost entirely wasted. Especially Michael Rooker. That was a devastatingly stupid piece of writing.

Hang on a sec, this was produced by James Gunn? The same guy responsible for the Avengers mega-movies? Incredible.

Oh, and the editing was off too. Dangerous moment... build the energy then quick, cut to something entirely unrelated or have the soundtrack get so bloody loud the viewer won't be able to stay focused for long enough to care any more.

Yeah, nah. This was not great.

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