Slither ★★★★

"It's just a bee sting"

Ah man, Michael Rooker is bloody fantastic in this scientifi-horror creepshow. From the moment 'the event' happens his character cranks it up a notch and turns into a beautifully psychotic madman, and it's glorious to watch.

Lizzie Banks is funny as hell too, as the soft and sappy southern belle, in a series of slightly odd relationships both inside and outside of her marriage.

The story is fast to get going and is supported by some terrifically gooey effects and a yee-haw hillbilly soundtrack. I dunno, Slither sometimes gets a bad rap, but I thoroughly enjoyed it.

This was James Gunn's debut into movie direction, a decade before he succumbed to the Marvel-verse to deliver Guardians of the Galaxy and more recently that 'The' movie. This is a different side of the director, but its one I hope we see again in the future.

Oh, and the poster is brilliant too.

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