Gummo ★★★½

What the actual F?
Gummo, you're jus' plain weird ya hear muh?

2 minutes in and we've had some really funky blues soundtrack, very promising costume design ideas, a cat-attack (animal lovers beware!) and an impromptu mammogram.

As a lover of peculiar movies, I was thinking... this is gonna be an absolute hoot.

...and it just got weirder from there. I'm not going to pretend to understand the why/what/how of it all or even begin to describe the movie, but I can say that it was incredibly intriguing viewing.

Despite the constant wtf moments, I couldn't stop watching and now I'm at the end I have to say I'm still none the wiser. But, despite my now over-scratched head and the need for some fresh air, I'm somehow strangely satisfied that it was all worth the effort.

COVIDeodrome - Film #12 - A neighbourhood symphony

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