...And God Created Woman

...And God Created Woman ★★½

With an interesting premise and the smoking hot sex appeal of a young and nubile Brigitte Bardot, Et Dieu… créa la femme had heaps of potential.

I struggled with the direction and editing throughout, which seemed determined to get Bardot into every shot regardless of the lightness of her character. I mean, sure, she's undoubtedly nice to look at, but the behaviour of this bratty woman-child was tremendously unappealing and aside from 'dat ass', it's hard to imagine why the tongues of all the menfolk in the town were dragging on the ground every time she appeared. It's like a fantastically rich gâteaux that smells awesome, looks great and tastes delish, but after the 13th mouthful you just get the urge to barf.

A little harsh perhaps?

The story itself is fairly interesting, but devoid of characters to really care about, the end result is kinda inconsequential. …And God Created Woman is considered to be Bardot's breakout film, and she definitely improved after it. La Vérité is one of my favourite French films, and her performance in that was sensational.

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