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  • The Father

    The Father


    "I feel as if I'm losing all my leaves."

    As we journey through life, we experience many things. Family, love, hope, loss, and as we get older the reality of our own mortality starts to become clearer. Life is not forever. It's only a small blip in the universe, but it's all we have.

    For those out there that have witnessed dementia first hand, it's a hard thing to relive. Ron was a great friend of mine. Someone that I…

  • Superman



    Boom! That intro music hit me like a hurricane and in an instant I was transported back to the very first time I saw this movie. The very first movie I ever saw at 'The Pictures' with my Dad.

    He was a busy guy and always doing what he could for us. At the time, we really didn't get to see very much of him what with work and one thing and another, so having him all to myself (while…

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  • The 50 Best Horror Movies You've Never Seen

    The 50 Best Horror Movies You've Never Seen


    While there are quite a few films in here I've not seen, I'd heard of most of them before. I was expecting something a little more obscure considering the title, but after the first three minutes of a succession of talking heads staring down the barrel of the camera insisting 'THIS WILL BE THE 50 BEST HORROR MOVIES YOU'VE NEVER SEEN!' I already had my concerns.

    Oh, and if you want to know what the 50 are (spoilers ahead!), here is a handy-dandy list.

  • The Smell of Us

    The Smell of Us


    Larry Clark hits again with this stark, dark reflection of sensual aggressiveness blended with violent outspoken anger in a grimy Paris piled high with a lost youth seeking their own special 'je ne sais quoi'.

    The film meanders its way through skate parks, clubs and other urban settings to an unrelenting conclusion, all the while carrying the acrid stench of unwashed energy and raw sweat. A director that seems to gain his power from shock and awe, in The Smell…

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  • The 39 Steps

    The 39 Steps


    Da Da dahhh...

    In 1935, Alfred Hitchcock put on his boots, stamped his feet and yelled "I'm here!"

    Clearly an artiste in the making, The 39 Steps is a sign of things to come for Hitch, with fabulously named characters, interesting locales, smart and funny one-liners and thrills aplenty. There's a lot to love about the innocence of it all and the connections to his later works, especially North by Northwest.

    Slick, well made and with a terrific score the…

  • Pieces



    A film so packed full of genre tropes that it's just a question of when the next massacred piece of dubbed dialogue, hacked-off head or gratuitous boobage will appear.

    It's bloody awful, yet completely bloody fantastic.

    HORRORx52 challenge by kynky
    20. Made in Spain