• Saltburn



    watched with dad lol, who said he found it “entertaining, but a bit sick and not very enjoyable”.

  • The Rage of Paris

    The Rage of Paris


    yeeeears ago one of the university's had a random free-to-air television channel that would broadcast student a/v projects, a weird talk-show with puppets, and also (presumably) public domain movies, including this one. the rage of paris is essentially the film that made me fall in love with screwball comedies, and even in all its dated-ness, still really fucking funny. charming lead performances, especially from danielle darrieux, and god! that gold lamé open back top! anyway, i've been reading some academic…

  • Run, Girl, Run

    Run, Girl, Run


    "Norma’s sweetie—a military student, specializing in heartillery."

    1928 slapstick carole lombard will be my runspo this year, apprently! i thought the goat was the mvp.

  • Twentieth Century

    Twentieth Century


    i didn't just giggle, i guffawed!! i love dirtbag cinema! also, john barrymore hot?!?!

  • Poison



    scott renderer has quite possibly the most beautiful eyes in existence?? cannot believe this is a debut!! and the best kind of debut as well, like you've been given a shot to say something so you say everything.

  • Priscilla



    such a delicate deconstruction of an utterly american mythology. perfect last song.

  • Love at First Sight

    Love at First Sight


    i’m drunk! fell asleep for a bit of the third act! it’s okay! they shagged like 5000 times at the end!

  • Poor Things

    Poor Things


    on 35mm at the ritz ✨

    the b&w scenes absolutely delicious on film. worth the price of admission alone.

  • eXistenZ



    this was made in 1999, but it is also a film about how i feel about video games and technology now. thank you mr cronenberg.

  • Foe


    literally not shocked this was directed by an australian! the diabolically bad pacing gave it away before any of the australian-outback-cum-american-midwest scenery shots.

  • Good Grief

    Good Grief


    the thing is, dan levy looks far too smarmy and far too like his father for me to ever take him seriously as an actor, especially in such a dramatic film.

    also, the art show was bad!!

  • Piercing



    probably would've been four stars if we didn't live in a post-sanctuary world, but i think sanctuary scratches itches and digs a little deeper into its characters than this film ever quite manages to.