Sex Crimes

Sex Crimes ★½

Despite the lurid name, Koji Wakamatsu's 1968 film Sex Crimes is a Godard endebted dry run for the following year's Running in Madness, Dying in Love, which also centers on a romantic relationship formed in the wake of manslaughter. There are some major differences - For instance, this one is in black and white while Running... is in color. This one is dull and aimless while Running... feels more vital and melancholic.

While many of the collaborations between Wakamatsu & Adachi from this period contain clever social commentary or at least attempt an interrogation of the themes they actively engage in, Sex Crimes makes it's characters spout pseudo-philosophic gibberish about the social function of sex and constantly remind the viewer that, in case they were wondering, these characters did indeed kill someone and are in fact on the run. Don't worry about remember that last part, the film will remind you at least once a scene.