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  • Nomadland



    This review is going to come across as pretty down on the movie, so first I should just note that Nomadland isn’t bad – it’s just that I’ve seen almost exclusively raves so far, so it feels silly to spend too much time on the positives. It’s certainly a pretty, well-crafted film; Zhao’s direction is strong, but her editing is what makes this movie run so nicely. And McDormand is always absorbing to watch, even if here her presence is…

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  • Johnny Mnemonic

    Johnny Mnemonic


    In the distant future of 2021, a pandemic ravages America’s tech-obsessed population while massive pharmaceutical corporations exploit those affected by the disease for their own profit. Or at least, that’s how our present was imagined in the 1995 sci-fi thriller Johnny Mnemonic, directed by artist Robert Longo from a screenplay by the grandaddy of cyberpunk himself, William Gibson, based on his own short story. The film, which tanked critically and commercially upon release, is now getting a re-release on its…

  • King Kong

    King Kong


    I'd been led to believe that there was worthwhile debate as to whether this reproduces the racist and xenophobic logic of its time or works as an anti-colonialist allegory... but how anyone could reasonably defend the latter position is beyond me: there's nothing redeeming about the portrayal of the dynamic between Kong and his captors/Ann. The only aspect of the film that worked for me was Fay Wray, who gives a much better performance than the screenplay deserves.

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  • About Time

    About Time

    Bill Nighy: You see, son, all the men in our family have the ability to time travel.
    Domhnall Gleeson: What? What about the women??
    Bill Nighy: *chuckling softly* oh no son, that would give them narrative agency! Anyway have fun using your powers to get away with being a total arsehole, manipulating and stalking women while you craft yourself a perfect life formed on the basis of exploitation and lies!!

  • Triumph of the Will

    Triumph of the Will

    The Letterboxd reverence for this film terrifies me. This should not be talked of as a 'great' film, and is wholly unworthy to be spoken of as a masterpiece of cinema. Words like 'controversial' and 'problematic' don't cut it. To employ the "we can separate art and artist" argument is to willingly ignore the film's Nazi content. To claim it is a film about how awful the Nazis were is plainly disingenuous. To defend it as objective documentary is wrong,…