• Sound of Metal

    Sound of Metal


    If this doesn’t win best sound and best actor, the oscars are rigged. Incredibly beautiful and moving film, that is heartbreaking and heartwarming all in one. One of those films you will not forget.

  • Fantastic Mr. Fox

    Fantastic Mr. Fox


    An amazing, nostalgic and beautiful film. This is how ‘kids’ films should be done; funny and exciting for the younger audience, but also meaningful, emotional and relatable for the older audience. Incredible film.

  • O Brother, Where Art Thou?

    O Brother, Where Art Thou?


    I need to watch more Coen Brothers.

  • Fish Tank

    Fish Tank


    A beautiful, gritty and authentic coming of age movie, which perfectly portrays the life of a working class kid from London. I study this Film for my A level, so I thought I would watch it before we start studying it, outside of class. Every aspect of the film created such a real and authentic atmosphere, and despite being from a middle class family in a friendly  neighbourhood, I felt I could relate to lots of the things happening in…

  • Citizen Kane

    Citizen Kane


    I mean cool influential classic film and all that. Found myself bored most of the time. Cool camerawork. When you think about it, is it better than Shrek? I know what I’m picking.

  • Fargo



    Oh jeez that was great. The image of Steve Buscemi flying across a room naked will never get out of my head.

  • Zodiac



    Rewatching this film reminded me of the first lockdown, sitting in my lounge in 30•c weather with a fan blowing in my face, watching Zodiac. An incredible film that requires your full attention, but the reward for your attention is a suspenseful and open ended 2 and a half hours, with incredible character development and plot lines that seemed to twist and turn more than any other Fincher film.

  • Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas

    Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas


    I don’t have a clue what just happened, but I loved it.

  • No Country for Old Men

    No Country for Old Men


    Finally got around to rewatching this masterpiece. 14 years on, and the visuals, sound and production design are breathtaking. Linked with The amazing performances, this film is of the most authentic, timeless and memorable films in the history of cinema.

  • Call Me by Your Name

    Call Me by Your Name


    Think it was a bit gay

  • Robin Hood

    Robin Hood


    My earliest film memory is watching this in my shed on VHS. I decided to rewatch it, 12 or so years later. It’s amazing how nostalgic this film was, and how I remembered so much of it. That’s the sign of an incredible film. One that holds up over time, and sticks in your mind like no other.

  • Midnight in Paris

    Midnight in Paris


    Omg this film is amazing. I loved every minute of it. So original and beautiful,  I could speak about it for hours. Just need to fit it into my favourites list now.