Messiah of Evil

Messiah of Evil ★★★½

aka Dead People
I managed to catch this odd hidden gem late in the night before I dozed off. Its about Arletty on a visit to her fathers in a Californian coastal town, she finds herself in a living nightmare when all the towns locals are undead zombie like ghouls. Thankfully shes helped by a drifter Thom and they try to flee to a safer place.

The movies got a fantastic bizarre trippy vibe not unlike the equally odd Carnival of Souls, thanks mostly to the strange narration the central character of Arletty gives. Highlights include a fab scene a females watching a movie in the cinema while all the chairs start filling up with ghouls (wouldn't be a surprise if John Landis hadn't have based his American Werewolf in London theatre moment on this) and later we get Thom fighting the ghouls with a samurai sword.

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