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  • Hospital of the Transfiguration
  • The Wind
  • The Third Dragon
  • The Warden of the Tomb

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  • Snowboard Academy


  • Autumn

  • The Night Before Christmas


  • George and the Christmas Star


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  • Snowboard Academy

    Snowboard Academy


    fucking gawd-tier-level horse shit

    for fucks sake, just look at the way the director spells ‘Shepherd’

    Verdict:  YES

    🏂  💩 

    Moldy Shit:

  • Autumn



    Precious Gems:

Popular reviews

  • The Great Land of Small

    The Great Land of Small


    The single most insane Canadian children’s film ever conceived & produced.  ‘TGLOS’ is a lost, esoteric fever dream of epic proportions.  See it, know it, see it again, bask & writhe in the subsequent nightmares.  This film is a moment in time.  There is nothing else like it.  It truly exists within a dusty, dilapidated, glittering universe that is all it’s own.


  • Moon Man

    Moon Man

    ★★★★★ tender heart shed tears of straw-hewn gold for this masterpiece of aching whimsy..

    It’s been quite a long while since this ancient soul has experienced something so magnificently beautiful

    Moon Man is the all the best parts of my non-cathartic childhood dreamstates, crammed tastefully into an hour & a half of unsullied, multicoloured euphoria

    Perfection.  Shamefully underrated & ignored.  I don’t trust anyone who has anything negative to say about this ode to graceful, moonlit innocence, but I would sincerely hope…