Another Round

Another Round ★★

A social experiment where four men start day-drinking to see if it improves their performance at work (as teachers). Lots of scenes of drinking and as their professional lives seem to improve, their personal lives, especially for the two who are married, head in the opposite direction. The wives are given very short shrift and there's no female viewpoint while the men regress almost to infantalism and certainly alcoholism. It all starts to get rather repetitive, and even with the presence of the magnetic Mads Mikkelsen, you're still left with a feeling of being the sober driver at a party of drunks. The celebratory tone with which the film concludes seems to negate any enlightenment the lead characters may have reached and as an audience we're left with a bad hangover.

**As an aside, I'm far from being teetotal myself and have had enough experience of excessive drinking in my own life to recognise that watching drunks is rarely fun.**

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