The First Purge ★★★½


Total beers: over a dozen for sure, fuck
Total ch. wings: a lot
Total pizza: too much

Really dug this one. Thought the social commentary finally came together in a way that makes sense, probably because the Trump administration gave them something definite to react too. Found this one to be the most visually stimulating, and it worked as a horror movie better than its predecessors. The final Die Hard/The Raid sequence was great, especially that 'one-shot' stairway fight. This really surprised me and turned out to be the strongest of the series.

Thus ends the Purge-a-thon, the first time I'd seen any of these movies. Overall, the series never lives up to its premise, but the fourth one does the most with it. The rest can't figure out if they want to be action movies or horror movies and fail somewhere in between. All that being said, and as flimsy as the premise is, I dig the mythology they built and had a lot of fun piecing it together. Not sure I'll watch any of these again (maybe the fourth one), but I certainly don't regret checking out the series.