Yesterday ★★½

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This review may contain spoilers.

Like the stretches of this that treat The Beatles as some sort of mythic inevitability, a shared cultural necessity that will always bind us, lift us up, and speak to our very cores. That’s mostly why I think criticisms of how the music wouldn’t be that big a deal in reality if it came out today don’t really fit the bill... this is about their importance regardless of time or place, context or creator - their position as fundamental text will always find a way, even if they disappeared overnight, into the roots of our entire culture, an idea I think is best exemplified by the stretch with the genuinely touching scene with the two fans all the way through the John Lennon sequence. That said, this has a really boring romance despite a charming pair and doesn’t really stick the landing! Whatever. Danny Boyle does his thing. Wish they let him kill Bond or whatever weird shit he wanted to do.

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