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  • Theo and the Metamorphosis

    Theo and the Metamorphosis

    Review by Benjamin Poole

    We open in a subterranean cavern below an exceedingly bucolic French countryside. And within the darkness, a young man, whom we can tell is practised in spelunking due to his expert use of torch and rope, explores. There is an ominous rumble, and, as the caves are struck by a tremor, the reconnaissance turns to a scramble. Rocks plunge, the way out is treacherous: To’s surroundings are falling around him. When he reaches the daylight (in…

  • Flux Gourmet

    Flux Gourmet

    Review by Eric Hillis

    Romanian actress Fatma Mohamed has long been director Peter Strickland's secret weapon, stealing the show in small supporting roles in his previous films with her unique presence, a curious mix of Prunella Scales and Delphine Seyrig. In his latest work, Flux Gourmet, Strickland deploys Mohamed like napalm, putting her front and centre in his most absurdist film to date.

    Mohamed plays Elle, the pretentious frontwoman for an art collective she has temporarily dubbed "Elle and the…

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