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  • Running Against the Wind

    Running Against the Wind

    Review by Benjamin Poole

    Running Against the Wind, Jan Philipp Weyl’s (with Michael Wogh sharing writing duties) sweet natured melodrama about the diverse destinies of two childhood friends, was the Ethiopian submission for Best International Film in the 2020 Academy Awards (the year that Parasite won). Weyl’s film wasn’t nominated, but the fact that the film itself exists (and is so charmingly watchable) is perhaps cause in itself for celebration. The film industry in Ethiopia is nascent, consisting of small…

  • False Positive

    False Positive

    Review by Eric Hillis

    Following the lead of Jordan Peele, Ilana Glazer is the latest comic to make the transition from a successful TV comedy (Broad City) to a politically charged horror movie. Yet while Peele peppered his horror movies with humour, Glazer and co-writer John Lee, who also directs, play their genre debut with a straight face. I'm not familiar with the duo's comic work, but if False Positive is any indication, they have a lot to learn about…

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  • Spectre


    Spectre is like one of those boutique magazines you find in hotel rooms and on passenger planes. It's printed on glossy paper, immaculately designed and packed with appealing products, but devoid of engaging content.

    Read the review by Eric Hillis

  • Star Wars: The Last Jedi

    Star Wars: The Last Jedi

    As early as its customary opening crawl, I began to have a bad feeling about Star Wars: The Last Jedi. In what plays like a dig at the current leader of the free world (who was pictured earlier this year watching Rogue One on Air Force One), the word 'RESISTANCE' appears in upper-case letters, an early worrying sign that real world, outside forces may be intruding on this most endearingly innocent of escapist worlds.

    This is nothing new of course…