Avatar ★★★★★

Avatar is a visual masterpiece that still holds up after 13 years! Upon rewatching this I really gained a lot of respect for James Cameron and his vision for this movie. He was ready to make this movie for a long time but he wanted to wait until the CGI matched his vision. I definitely wouldn’t have that much patience. But it definitely payed off now that it is #1 in the worldwide box office.

Anyway, the CGI is absolutely incredible, there are movies even now that aren’t as good as this CGI. The soundtrack is incredible with its Native American kind of theme or whatever. The acting is great and I think that Sam Worthington was perfectly cast as Jake Sully. I also loved Zoe Saldana in this I think that she was great. Sigourney Weaver was hilarious in this as Grace and she was really great in this. Overall, it’s an incredible movie and I definitely recommend.

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