Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory

Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory ★★★★

(4K UHD)

Shamefully, I had only seen this properly for the first time on DVD a couple of years ago, having only growing up with the Tim Burton remake (Which I do still like) and only seeing brief scenes of this original, which a dumb 10 year old me dismissed as "Old shit".

There's no denying what a fun charmer this still is, made even better with a strong 4K remaster from Warner Brothers for its 50th Anniversary. Some of the songs don't don't up too well, but that is easily outweighed by the bangers and incredibly fun journey through this slave labour ran Chocolate Factory.

Gene Wilder's off-kilter and demented performance of Willy Wonka is disturbing blast to watch. While he is funny and charming, there's just something off about the character. Like a frenzy of potential violence lurking beneath the surface, almost in a Patrick Bateman like way. It's fun to say Wonka lures these children to the Factory to die, but it's hard to see otherwise once it's pointed out.

I do love the simple charm of the practical sets behind each room in this factory, something that would be long lost in a modern day adaptation. Each section feels different and unique, while only staying in one place for just the right amount of time so things are always moving at a great pace.

I do find Charlie Bucket to be an annoying character though. Far too nice and earnest, making for quite a flat character compared to the other children on this ride who pack far more personality (Despite the fact they're all little pricks). This grandfather is a fucking fraudster too. The asshole.

I still really like this, but can't help but feel I'd love it had I grew up with this and not the remake, but I do admit this is the better made film.

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