Tenet ★★★★½


One that will definitely need multiple watches to fully grasp, but on a first take, it's a massively entertaining, ambitious and smart mindfuck. Christopher Nolan goes all out delivering spectacular action scenes that make use of incredible practical effects, kinetic choreography and clever editing. The use of time is very complex and makes things very confusing during the second half, but I think it all comes together and mostly makes sense by the end. John David Washington's unnamed lead character is a bit of a blank slate, but he carries a strong presence and is accompanied by a very charismatic cast including Robert Pattinson, Kenneth Branagh and Elizabeth Debicki. While it borrows elements from a few on Nolan's previous films, it is incredibly unique and unlike any film I've seen before it. It shares some similar vibes to Inception, but has more than enough of its own identity to feel original, which is so refreshing as its so rare a film of this scale and complexity would be made for even half the budget this has. I can imagine a lot of people being turned off by how complex and confusing this could be, but all it did was make me want to watch it again. Even when things do get confusing, there's enough going on to keep you interested, even if it's just on a technical level. I cannot express enough how impressive this is in terms of filmmaking, it's a near perfect mix of incredible action, editing and sound design. Ludwig Goransson's score has serious Hans Zimmer vibes, but had more of an electronic twist that absolutely slapped at times. I'm very confident this one I'll continue to love more each time I watch it. One of Nolan's strongest films to date in an already incredible list of films he's done.

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