I Care a Lot

I Care a Lot ★★★½

(Amazon Prime)

Heard mixed things going into this. I'm a sucker for these sociopath films where the lead is a charismatic monster who ends up in a way "Winning"

There are shades of Nightcrawler and American Pyscho here, but Rosamund Pike holds her own to create another deeply unlikeable protagonist that joins the ranks of Louise Bloom and Patrick Bateman.

It's initially hard to get behind, as Pike is shown as a complete monster right off the bat, making me want to see her downfall. But throughout the film, despite her despicable manipulation of the vulnerable, I was oddly rooting for her by the end.

The ins and outs of her operation are a joy to watch and done with style thanks to J Blakeson's direction that keeps this always moving forward and dissects an horrific tale of late stage capitalism (Fuck capitalism). The kinetic score also banged and added a lot to the tension.

Peter Dinklage also gives a strong and interesting turn as a menacing mob boss, who factors into the story very well as Pike's long con begins to unravel and things get more and more out of control.

As much as I enjoyed I Care a Lot, the ending does fly off the rails by the end and I was a bit unsatisfied by the very end, although I'm still unsure how I felt overall by it. That aside, the ride to get there is a fun, twisted one that has Pike once again shining in a charismatic and monsterous role.

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