Halloween ★★★★

Film 333 of my 2015 500 Film Challenge

I was lucky enough to see Halloween at the cinema last Halloween, it may have been about the 6th time I watched it, but there was just something special about seeing it one the big screen on Halloween day.

I'm not saying watching it at home on Blu-ray means it's lost its impact, it is still a classic, albeit a bit outdated, badly acted and a bit generic.

These don't detract from all the greatness John Carpenter brings us in Halloween. The theme is still one of the best horror themes ever. Michael Myer's himself is still an excellent slasher villain and his mask is simple yet effective. You get the strong female baby sitter who survives the film, played by a pretty solid Jamie Lee Curtis.

The opening POV scene is still awesome and groundbreaking for its day. There are some creative and fun kills to dumb teens who break every horror film rule that Scream taught me, mostly don't have sex or do drugs, or you will die.

It may have its cracks, but there is no denying that Halloween is still an effective and groundbreaking 70s slasher film and one of John Carpenter's finest pieces of work.

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