Alphaville ★★


Man, out of all Godard's films I've seen so far, outside of Breathless, this is the one I wished I liked the most. It's exactly what I love. Alphaville is a hard-boiled sci-fi noir, but lacks any of the usual things I love about this genre.

First off, what the hell was this? The narration is absolutely terrifying. I genuinely believe it was done by Godard himself who finally must have got lung cancer from all that smoking and had to have a voice box.

You can see the seeds planted here that went to create Blade Runner (A much, much, much better film), so I have to give it credit that without Alphaville two of my favorite films probably wouldn't exist. Looks like you were good for something in the end, Godard.

Once again, his films really just haven't clicked with me at all. The editing is just a mess, especially the lead gunning down a corridor of bad guys. The hell was that?

I've only got one more film of his from my boxset, but my god. I'm determined to find one film of his I really like. Just one. Please. Even Michael Bay has a couple of great films and he makes garbage films for garbage men.

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