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  • The 51st State

    The 51st State



    Not seen this since I was very, very young, but even as a child I remember thinking it was lame. Weirdly, I had an itch to see how it held up. Sadly, it's pretty, pretty awful. An early 2000's Quentin Tarantino/Guy Ritchie knock-off that carries non of the charm of crime-comedy greats. Most the humour is just Samuel L Jackson confused by British slang while he wears a kilt, it's painful. I hate movies.

  • Along Came Polly

    Along Came Polly



    Thoroughly average but mostly very watchable. Ben Stiller and Jennifer Aniston do not make a convincing pairing in the slightest, although it does lead to some okay moments of comedy. The real stand-out is a gross, disgusting and scene-stealing Philip Seymour Hoffman who goes above and beyond with the material he's working with.

    There are worse ways to kill 90 minutes.

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  • Hellboy



    It's impossible to talk about about this reboot of Hellboy without bringing up the fact this is a reboot no one asked for. The fans of the Del Toro Hellboy films (A series of films that have a cult and dedicated fanbase) wanted Hellboy 3, not a reboot. There's no way round that and it was a struggle to even watch this without the fond memories of how much better Del Toro's films were.

    I try to go into films…

  • Batman: The Killing Joke

    Batman: The Killing Joke

    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    I was very much looking forward to this. I haven't read the comic, but everyone talked about it like it was the second coming of Jesus. An R-rated Batman film. It had potential to be amazing.

    Well, this is mostly just a horrible mess. The voice performances are great, Mark Hamill is incredible as expected as The Joker. The inclusion of both Hamill and Kevin Conroy makes me feel like it could be canon to the Arkham game series (Which…