A Hero

A Hero ★★★★½

A Hero valiantly spews a string of fabrications as a prisoner attempts to convince his creditor to withdraw a complaint regarding unpaid debt, before a cascade of unplanned humiliation descends upon him in Farhadi’s dauntless drama that permissively examines the perception of good deeds in an age of social media and the quivering consequences of disgrace in Iranian society - clinging onto moral valour through Farhadi’s empathetic writing - bravely punching through conscientious themes with near-perfect authenticity.

You know what they say: no good deed goes unpunished. And, well, that sardonic comment aptly fits here! Legal issues aside (somewhat disappointed in Farhadi for potential plagiarism…), he still emphatically makes this story his own. His films have an underlying theme of familial humiliation within Iranian society, and how his characters do everything they can to retain their honour. But the refreshing political openness in his latest film really elevates the empathy he once again drives out of his characters. Rahim is ridiculously flawed as a human being, yet you begrudgingly support his actions as a father wanting to do right by his son. How one exploits others for personal gain, even if that gain has moral weightiness. The selflessness of one man in an exasperating bureaucracy that pushes a powerless individual to try and do the right thing. Bloody brilliant! Also his best shot film. The new ‘Bicycle Thieves’ maybe?

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