Spencer ★★½

A bit mixed on this one. Effective in scenes thanks to its supporting cast (Sally Hawkins as always is the MVP) but not as a whole piece. I get showing Diana’s demons and her struggle with body image and her identity with the voyeurism of the media and the Royal family but I don’t see how this film isn’t also doing that, especially taking these heavy topics and making almost a horror movie out of it. And maybe I’m the only one to feel this but I wasn’t a fan of Spencer visually. I admired the opening shot because you could almost feel the condensation on the morning grass, but then the film stuck to this over-lit dry look paired with the 16mm blown up to 35mm which makes any shot other than close-ups look out of focus. Maybe Larrain wanted to go for a look similar to The Favourite or Phantom Thread but it ends up being an eyesore. Stewart tries her best with what she’s given but I never felt her performance was fully effective, though if I can give the cinematography a compliment it’s that it does a great job capturing both Stewart and Diana’s beauty. An unfortunate disappointment to say the least, but will let the film sit with me for a bit.

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