Scream 3

Scream 3 ★★★

Fun and dumb but ultimately nowhere near the level of the first two. Some of these concepts belong in much dumber movies than the Scream franchise, it really just doesn’t feel right. Like, the whole magical voice technology, some rather convoluted kills, the ghost mom (???) or even the blatant retcons of the original film. I’ll admit though, there’s a really fun final act mansion set piece, and the mature themes at play here, like the way the Hollywood system preys on young women, are extremely forward for the year 2000. (And it’s produced by the Weinsteins, yikes!) And Parker Posey, getting to see Gale and Dewey spend time together, oh my god and that stupid haircut. There’s plenty to love in this that I gotta give it credit for once and for all.

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He was making a movie called Stab. He was stabbed.”

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