Evil Dead II

Evil Dead II ★★★★

this movie’s well known for being a step up from the first film, and I can see why. it’s that sweet spot blend of whimsy and terror, and ash’s character is way more intriguing. it kind of reminds me of House with how manic everything feels with the cabin being alive, but without the sensory overload  

the main downside to this film is the continuity between it and its predecessor. at first I was confused, thinking during the opening scene that this is a direct sequel. why is ash going back to the cabin with a new girlfriend? and playing the tape again?? what?? but after looking into it, it seems like due to a rights dispute, that’s supposed to be a flashback to the first movie? or this whole film is a soft reboot? i think? it’s confusing, and there’s clearly some divisiveness surrounding it, but it’s a little alienating to anyone going in blind. I understand suspending disbelief, all i’m saying is it could have been handled better. once you’re able to look past that, however, this film is a whole lot of fun!

i really enjoyed the cinematography in this. what with all the tilts and crazy movements, they play around with some really neat visual ideas. that tracking shot that followed ash through the house was cool. and I love that era of filmmaking before cgi was entirely developed and they used stop motion to do vfx. it’s campy but fun to look back on. and it’s pretty fucking sick how the zombies emotionally taunt whoever’s trying to kill them

anyway, this movie’s pretty sick. gonna play dead by daylight now. happy halloween

(Hooptober Movie #13)

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