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  • HiGH&LOW The Movie

    HiGH&LOW The Movie


    Upping the ante for the first original High&Low film (The Road To... recapped the tv series) High&Low: The Movie features more spectacular brawls, cinematic large scale gang warfare - and a real sense of fun and swagger that should be the envy of 99% of modern, western, teen orientated action.

  • Road To High & Low

    Road To High & Low


    In between some fun scraps; melodrama and silliness pervade as “Road to” sets up the world, the stakes and the gangs of High&Low.

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  • The Thing

    The Thing


    Incomparable practical effects aside: The Thing is also a taught, impeccably crafted claustrophobic nightmare with a huge cast of likeable characters, beautiful cinematography and a haunting, influential score. Horror perfection.

  • Nobody



    Featuring a fierce and believably weary central performance; Nobody is a gloriously satisfying action thriller with some excellent action and a serviceable plot involving the usual lineup of vicious Russian mobsters. Some minor quibbles with occasional leaps in logic and the movie’s tonal shift toward overt silliness in the final act aside - Nobody is a tight, ninety minute rollercoaster anchored by a laudably committed and physical Bob Odenkirk.