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This review may contain spoilers.

I stand by my previous review, this is an excellent film. Knowing where it would go and how everything ties together enhanced my view this time. I love the killer soundtrack, the amazing visuals, the effective gore, the unsettling contortionism by the creature, and the bonkers third act. Gabriel is a fantastic horror villain to join the ranks of the best. That being said, I don't really want a sequel. This doesn't need to be another horror cinematic universe, let this just be a one and done thing.

I was going to dive deeper into a spoiler review for this but I don't have that much more to say than I did in my previous review, so I guess I'll just reiterate that I love the bonkers third act. The reveal that Gabriel is a malignant tumor living in the back of Madison's head wasn't entirely unpredictable, but was executed with such glee and creativity that I was totally happy to be along for the ride. James Wan is so great, and I hope this isn't his final horror outing.


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