Inside ★★★★

Inside is a nightmare of a film that contains tons of blood, twisted violence, and a disturbing story. The main character, Sarah, is hunted down by a mysterious woman who is attempting to steal away Sarah's baby, as she is pregnant and ready to give birth at any moment. Throughout most of the course of the movie, we are unclear about Sarah's (possible) connection to the woman, but it is later revealed that they were both involved in a tragic incident. And even though Inside is an entertaining flick that is perfectly paced, there are a couple of flaws that kept it from being a great horror. Towards the ending of the film, there was a scene that was particularly dumb. An individual who had pretty much already been killed by the strange woman suddenly stood upright and fought back against Sarah, which was extremely unnecessary. But on top of that, (***spoiler ahead***) I was confused as to why the woman was insistent on taking away Sarah's baby so that she could mother the child instead of Sarah. Why would you want a child that belongs to the person who killed YOUR unborn baby (whether it was intentional or not)? It just doesn't add up logically. But I guess it doesn't have to make sense since the woman was simply a crazed, psychopathic murderer.

I would recommend Inside, but it's probably best to avoid this movie if you have a weak stomach. There are many gruesome scenes that are cringeworthy, but all in all, I enjoyed watching it.

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